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I am a professionally qualified Homeopathic practitioner and registered member of the Society of Homeopaths (SoH). As such, I am committed to the standards of professional conduct and competence outlined by the SoH's Code of Ethics and Practice. 

I was first introduced to homeopathy nearly twenty years ago, when I consulted a homeopath myself and subsequently started to use it to support my own children's health and other family members. I've been in part time practice now for 8 years, since completing my professional training and have observed clients make marked improvements in their health, well-being and outlook on life, time and again.

Since graduating from the Bristol based, Contemporary College of Homeopathy in 2012, I have continued to learn and develop my skills and knowledge of homeopathy, completing the advanced post-grad Orion course in 2013, attending regular workshops and CPD training events each year and by being part of a monthly peer supervision group.  

I have always been interested in the mind/body link and how our mental/emotional equilibrium is reflected in the physical body. When we encounter stress, emotional distress, relationship issues or family disharmony, our physical health is often undermined – particularly if situations are long-standing or become entrenched. In 2019 I was awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in the Sensation and System approach, from the Stroud based, School of Homeopathy. This approach consolidates my prior learning and what I have experienced and learned from being in practice. The Sensation approach, is one whereby the practitioner listens closely to the specific language used in descriptions of presenting physical symptoms and the experience of how these symptoms are impacting an individual’s life and relationships; often, there is a core ‘theme’ that emerges which ties the mental/emotional experience to the physical sensations, as described by the individual. A remedy will be selected to help support the whole person, typical of a holistic approach.

I offer a strong foundation of knowledge and practice of homeopathy and continually build on this experience with every client I have the honour to meet and work with.   

Kelley Boulton, LCCH, PGh (Dip), RSHom